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Find Your Career in the Job Classifieds

Everyone at one point needs to start working and start earning money to make their own way in the world. As children, we have all thought of what we wanted to be when we grow up. Typically, once we do get old enough to work, what type a career we choose is never what was said as a child. But it does not matter what career you choose whether it in the auto industry, medical industry, education industry, because job classifieds will have the positions of your interest available when it is time to look for a job.If you are not sure what field you want to get into, there are some things you can do so you can determine what that is. An individual should think about what they like to do. He or she can think about what they would do for free, just because they like it. From here you can think how to get paid doing that.For example, if a person likes to use the computer and create graphic websites and such, then considering a career in web design would be an option. If a person likes to care for children, a teacher may be an option. These positions could be found searching the job classifieds.Once you have one or more choices, you may want to do some research about each career. Your first choice may not work out due to something that could not be controlled. This could mean a person has to go to college but are unable to do so due to family obligations.During the time of your research you may also find out that what you though you liked, you may not like at all. For example, you feel you like children because you have your own, however, after volunteering for your child’s school field trip; you come to realize that you do not like to be around other children for a long period of time.Looking through the job classifieds may also help you get ideas about what other choices you have. Here you will know in what areas are in more of a demand than others, or maybe you will discover other fields you may be interested in. When you are ready to change professions or you are new to the work world ultimately, the choice is yours.

Find Virtual Assistant Jobs That Pay Well

Virtual assistant (VA) jobs are where people get managed by clients from the internet. Virtual assistants offer secretarial, innovative and practical services often on a freelance basis. Freelancers are often those who are experienced in management or administration. Some popular virtual assistant jobs are graphic designing, appointment setting, data entry, executive assistance, real estate virtual assistance etc. Each client has their own desired job that needs to be done; so the term Virtual Assistance doesn’t refer to any one job, but to a whole profession.To find lucrative virtual assistant jobs, you need to do the searching yourself. The internet is obviously required, as the work cannot be done without an internet connection. Search engines show a lot of job offers and options once you search for the positions you want/need. Creating your own page or website is also a good way to seek out high paying work. This way, the clients come to you instead of the other way around.However you must be aware are a lot of rip off companies that claim to pay but never do. Do not let this discourage your job seeking; just be aware of the fact. A lot of scam sites exist; but so do a lot of authentic sites that pay well. You can fill out applications directly on some websites, or you may have to make an account to become a site member. You must remember, none of the valid sites require you to pay any type of membership/application fees. You should always be aware that the authentic sites never ask for any kind of upfront money from freelancers.An individual can opt to receive email updates each week regarding any jobs suited to their skill set. The most profitable approach is to seek new job posts every day, keep on searching and applying for a varied range of positions. This improves your chances of getting consistent work that is suited to your strengths. Some authentic online freelance job boards are, Craigslist, WAHM job board etc.If you are seeking a particular type of job, and you know multiple clients you should set up your own virtual assistant business. In this business, you are your own boss and you don’t need to have any type of special education. You can do it as long as you have skills for your chosen type of virtual assistance job. You can spread out your VA business and then clients can come to you, asking you to complete their required job with your skills. The best freelancers can earn about $20-$50 per hour. If your business hits off, you may have found you’re a long business opportunity which can solely fulfill your financial needs.

The Hidden Job Market – How to Find the Jobs That Are Invisible to the Masses

To truly understand the so-called “hidden” job market, one must first consider the hiring process from the perspective of a hiring manager. As with so many endeavors, the methodology utilized by such a manager will be determined by that individual’s desire to effectively manage his or her time while hiring the best possible candidate for the position in question. Put in other words, it comes down to the hiring manager’s pain threshold.If this concept sounds odd, it really shouldn’t. Given the choice, anyone will want to maximize gain while minimizing the time to achieve said gain. Apply this to the hiring process and the manager’s conundrum becomes clear – does the manager take the time to write an effective job vacancy advertisement, pay the money to post it to one or more online sources and then deal with the deluge of e-mailed and faxed resumes? Or does the manager instead try to fill the position quickly, quietly and effectively by soliciting potential candidates from existing employees? Increasingly, personnel managers are turning to the latter option, utilizing a form of internal employee networking to fill open positions and thus giving birth to the hidden job market that so often thwarts qualified and willing employment candidates.When one further considers that managers often must screen thousands of potential candidates for each job they advertise, the decision being made increasingly by hiring managers becomes much clearer. It has been estimated that as many as 80% of available jobs are never advertised. And while this approach may lessen the burden for those in charge of hiring new employees, it is most definitely not an advantage for the job seeker. The question for the candidate, then, is how to tap into the hidden job market and, in effect, how to make it a benefit rather than a hindrance.First: Network in a Way You’ve Never Networked BeforeSometimes, networking simply is not enough. If your primary contacts and secondary contacts aren’t in positions with companies for which you could or would like to work, then you simply have no “in”. If that’s the case, it’s time to look at networking in a creative way and, if necessary, grasp for even the slightest connection that you may have with an employee at a target company. Once you’ve decided on a group of companies for which you may like to work, use the standard tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn to determine if you have ANY connection with anyone who may work at one of those companies.While it’s certainly not recommended that you start communicating with a complete stranger as though you know him, it is sometimes surprising how you may have connections you didn’t even know about. Searching for users on the aforementioned social networking sites that may have attended the same schools as you, or worked for the same company as you in the past, is always a good way to make an introduction and may just be enough to get your foot in the door for a new job.Second: Take a Contrarian Approach to the Job HuntEveryone knows that newspaper job advertisements are the “old” way to search for a job. No one uses them anymore. The funny thing about that thinking, however, is that week after week, job listings keep showing up in the newspaper classified sections. It’s certainly no guarantee that you’ll find your next job in a newspaper ad – and advertising jobs in newspapers has lost popularity for a good reason – but if the jobs keep showing up, and fewer and fewer people are looking at them, the chances for success when applying to a job posted in the local newspaper may have increased dramatically. It’s also a nice move simply to “cover all the bases.”Third: Use the Small, Niche Job Boards that Hiring Managers Started Turning to Long AgoQuite some time ago, savvy recruiters and hiring managers began favoring small, relatively unknown job boards in favor of the big “one size fits all” job sites. They did so because, frankly, the quality of the average candidate at the big job boards was lacking, and because posting jobs to those boards was – and is – both expensive and certain to lead to vast quantity of unwanted applications. Increasingly, hiring managers are turning to small, “vertical” job boards that focus on a specific industry or field, or that offer job posting capabilities in a specific geographic area.These niche job sites tend to offer far fewer job listings for applicants, and far fewer potential applicants for hiring managers. What they do provide, however, is a level of targeting that is unavailable on large, “horizontal” job boards. Targeting is what the hiring manager wants because as the number of undesirable applications increases, so does the time required to properly vet all candidates. The issue is quality over quantity, with effective recruiters and personnel managers taking the time to review a handful of quality candidates rather than hundreds of dead ends.As a job seeker, you’ll naturally want to “hang out” where the hiring managers are. To do so, seek out the vertical or “niche” job boards for your area of expertise. Assuming that your skill set actually matches that of the site you’re searching, the job postings you’ll find will likely be very targeted and, if recent trends hold true, posted by hiring managers who have eschewed larger job boards for their smaller, niche counterparts.